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Introducing Magic Houses Inspired candles: our magical tribute to our individuality and magic within! The truest scent for your house is only a flame away...

Three sizes available: 2oz, 4oz, 7oz

Soy Wax is Eco-friendly and because of the type of wax it is, Frosting can occur around the edges of your Candle. Frosting is a glaze across the container of the candle between the glass and wax, and is perfectly normal. It won't affect your candle at all. Occasionally cracking can occur on the surface. This will not affect your burning or scent at all and is just something that naturally happens when it’s made sometimes. Our Candles at LCC are handmade in smaller batches, so colour variations might occur slightly. Scents will remain the same strength—around a medium-to-strong fragrance for most candles, unless stated otherwise.

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Bravery 2oz, Loyalty 2oz, Creativity 2oz, Cunning 2oz, Bravery 4oz, Loyalty 4oz, Creativity 4oz, Cunning 4oz, Bravery 7oz, Loyalty 7oz, Creativity 7oz, Cunning 7oz



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